Suurok-class Research Cruiser

Three-view orthographic plans of the Suurok-class research cruiser.
Suur­ok-class research cruiser

The Vul­can High Com­mand has been oper­at­ing the same basic designs of star­ship for over two hun­dred years, albeit with peri­od­ic tech­no­lo­gic­al refits. “It is not logic­al to replace a sys­tem which does its assigned task effi­ciently enough”, as T’vaal, Head of the High Com­mand, remarked in 2264. When they were first seen in the 22nd cen­tury, they dwarfed any­thing else in use among the future Fed­er­a­tion founders, although even these were out-classed by the immense D’kyrs. Suur­oks were known for their high speeds, cap­able of cruis­ing at warp 7, when Humans were still try­ing to achieve warp 5, and their fire­power, but neither of these are impress­ive by 23rd cen­tury stand­ards. As the High Com­mand realigned to focus on sci­ence and explor­a­tion over the last cen­tury, the Suur­oks have increas­ingly been recon­figured for research, and are now com­monly found on exten­ded sur­vey mis­sions around the edges of Fed­er­a­tion space.

  • Year in Ser­vice: 2250
  • Dimen­sions: 350 m/111 m/100 m
  • Decks: 21
  • Crew Com­ple­ment: 110
  • Cruis­ing Speed: Warp 6
  • Max­im­um Speed: Warp 8





Scale: 4


  • Phaser Bank
  • Tract­or Beam (Strength 3)


  • Advanced Research Facilities
  • Improved Warp Drive

Design: Drexler, Doug. Star Trek: Enter­prise (Cr. Rick Ber­man & Bran­non Braga, Para­mount Pic­tures, 2001).