Starfleet Rank Insignia (2366 pattern)

Flag officer rank insignia

Starfleet CodeF-5F-4F-3F-2F-1
Collar Insignia5 gold pips in a box4 gold pips in a box3 gold pips in a box2 gold pips in a box1 gold pip in a box
Rank TitleFleet admiralAdmiralVice admiralRear admiralCommodore

Note: Flag officers wear their rank insignia on both collars.

Line officer rank insignia

Starfleet CodeO-7O-6O-5O-4O-3O-2O-1O-C
Collar InsigniaFive gold pipsFour gold pipsThree gold pipsOne black pip and two gold pipsTwo gold pipsOne black pip and one gold pipOne gold pipFour vertical silver lozenges
Rank TitleFleet captainCaptainCommanderLieutenant commanderLieutenantLieutenant (junior grade)EnsignMidshipman

Notes: Line officers wear their rank insignia on the right collar.

Enlisted rate insignia

Starfleet CodeE-9E-8E-7E-6E-5E-4E-3E-2E-1
Duty Uniform Collar InsigniaOne black pipOne black pipOne black pipNo insigniaNo insigniaNo insigniaNo insigniaNo insigniaNo insignia
Dress Uniform Collar InsigniaBlack rectangle with three white chevrons and three white dotsBlack rectangle with three white chevrons and two white dotsBlack rectangle with three white chevrons and one white dotBlack rectangle with three white chevronsBlack rectangle with two white chevronsBlack rectangle with one white chevronBlack rectangle with two white diagonal stripesBlack rectangle with one white diagonal stripeBlack rectangle
Rank TitleMaster chief petty officerSenior chief petty officerChief petty officerPetty officer first classPetty officer second classPetty officer third classCrewman first classCrewman second classCrewman third class

Notes: E7, E8 and E9 rates wear a single “hol­low” pip on the right col­lar of their duty uni­form. All crew wear their rate insignia on the right col­lar of their dress uni­form only. Petty officers and chiefs are usu­ally addressed by their rat­ing, a com­bin­a­tion of their rate and job title, i.e. “Trans­port­er Spe­cial­ist 1st class” or “Seni­or Chief Armsman”.

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