Archives: Star Trek: the Black Cluster (U.S.S. Lyonesse NCC-2278)

2295. In the wake of the Khitomer Accords, Cap­tain Mas­uda and the crew of the USS Lyo­n­esse are assigned to explore the mys­ter­i­ous Black Cluster.

‘Psi-Shift’ Part One

Stard­ate, 9884.4. In the midst of cel­eb­rat­ing the 183rd day of the mis­sion, Lyo­n­esse receives a dis­tress call from what seams to be the miss­ing Vul­can research cruis­er, VES Sonak. Find­ing the ves­sel appar­ently wrecked and life­less, the away team are sur­prised when they find the crew very much alive.

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‘Forests of the Night’

Stard­ate, 9871.7. Lyo­n­esse encoun­ters an appar­ently-aban­doned ali­en ves­sel in the vicin­ity of a recent super­nova. The board­ing party encoun­ters ghostly lights and hos­tile veget­a­tion and plants, while some­thing stalks them in the shad­ows as they try to solve the mystery.

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‘Planet of the Ebon Pearl’ Part Three

Stard­ate, 9861.8. The land­ing party embeds them­selves into the loc­al civil­isa­tion in order to learn how to get to the pil­grim route up the vol­cano. Cap­tain Mas­uda and her crew dis­cov­er they may not be the only warp-cap­able civil­isa­tion mov­ing about the nebula.

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