Ministry Personnel File: Doctor Zephaniah E Pleasant

A Sinister Surgeon.


A tall, saturnine gentleman in a dark suit, bearing an impatient expression.


Born into a small rural community in southern Massachusetts, Zephaniah Pleasant was always a strange child, with a passion for dissecting dead animals: although whether this was in pursuit of knowledge or pleasure is unclear. His mother was executed in mysterious circumstances when he was six and his father, a prominent lawyer, moved the family to London, cutting the boy off from his odd hobby.

Later, reading Medicine at Oxford University, Zepheniah rekindled his passion for the macabre. Discovering the circumstances behind his mother’s death, he developed an interest in the occult. Finding that his mother had been a practitioner of an art concerning the invocation of biblical Demons, Zepheniah’s curiosity drove him to delve deeper and deeper into her beliefs.

Finishing his medical degree, Zephaniah quickly became one of the most talented young doctors in England. Given access to his own operating theatre, which he referred to as his “theatre of operations”, his occult research began to mix with his medical practice. This turned out to be a poor choice: caught performing an invocation, using a live patient as a sacrifice, he was struck off. At this point, the Ministry, attracted by his medical proficiency and occult knowledge, offered him a chance at redemption. This enabled him to continue his bizarre experimentations; except that, this time, it was being sanctioned and monitored by the Government (which rather took the fun out of it all).

Zephaniah’s magic is based on the invocation of named devils, which then perform tasks for him. He is currently able to reliably contact 3 demons: Tephros, the Ashmaker, Naberius, the Lord of Cunning, and Malphas, the Tower Builder.

Created by Ben.

Savage Worlds Statistics

Rank: Novice


Strengthd4Toughness4Knowledge (Biology)d8


  • Charismatic
  • Arcane Background (Magic – powers: Boost/Lower Attribute, Deflection, Stun)


  • Anemic
  • Stubborn


  • Medical bag