Constitution-class heavy cruiser

The Constitution-class cruisers are the most renowned vessels of their time and have performed their duties to perfection for two decades. These ships were an integral part of the Starfleet build-up during “The Great Awakening” but, regardless of their heavy armaments, were kept on exploration duty for much of the initial stages of the Four Years War. Once deployed, each distinguished itself in battle time and again, the class soon gaining the nickname “The Queens of Starfleet”. Despite their durability, casualty rates have been high, a result of the class’s primary role as an explorer on the frontiers, and few of the original construction run remain. A dozen more examples of the class have been constructed over the last ten years.

Year in Service: 2245
Dimensions: 288 m/127 m/71.8 m
Decks: 23

Crew Complement: 430
Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Maximum Speed: Warp 8





Scale: 4


  • Phaser Banks
  • Photon Torpedoes
  • Tractor Beam (Strength 3)


  • Rugged Design
  • Modular Laboratories
  • Independent Phaser Power Supply

Design: Jefferies, Matt. Star Trek. Television. Created by Gene Roddenberry. Los Angeles, CA: Desilu, 1966. Star Trek Adventures statistics: Dowdell, Nathan, ed., Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook (Modiphius Entertainment, 2017), 240.

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