Constitution-class heavy cruiser

Three-view orthographic plans of the Constitution-class heavy cruiser.
Con­sti­tu­tion-class Heavy Cruiser.

The Con­sti­tu­tion-class cruis­ers are the most renowned ves­sels of their time and have per­formed their duties to per­fec­tion for two dec­ades. These ships were an integ­ral part of the Star­fleet build-up dur­ing “The Great Awaken­ing” but, regard­less of their heavy arma­ments, were kept on explor­a­tion duty for much of the ini­tial stages of the Four Years War. Once deployed, each dis­tin­guished itself in battle time and again, the class soon gain­ing the nick­name “The Queens of Star­fleet”. Des­pite their dur­ab­il­ity, cas­u­alty rates have been high, a res­ult of the class’s primary role as an explorer on the fron­ti­ers, and few of the ori­gin­al con­struc­tion run remain. A dozen more examples of the class have been con­struc­ted over the last ten years. 

  • Year in Ser­vice: 2245
  • Dimen­sions: 288 m/127 m/71.8 m
  • Decks: 23
  • Crew Com­ple­ment: 430
  • Cruis­ing Speed: Warp 6
  • Max­im­um Speed: Warp 8

Game stat­ist­ics for the Con­sti­tu­tion-class space­frame can be found in the Star Trek Adven­tures Core Rule­book, p240.

Design: Jef­fer­ies, Matt. Star Trek (cr. Gene Rod­den­berry, Desilu, 1966).