Constitution-class heavy cruiser

The Con­sti­tu­tion-class cruis­ers are the most renowned ves­sels of their time and have per­formed their duties to per­fec­tion for two decades. These ships were an inte­gral part of the Starfleet build-up dur­ing “The Great Awak­en­ing” but, regard­less of their heavy arma­ments, were kept on explo­ration duty for much of the ini­tial stages of the Four Years War. Once deployed, each dis­tin­guished itself in bat­tle time and again, the class soon gain­ing the nick­name “The Queens of Starfleet”. Despite their dura­bil­i­ty, casu­al­ty rates have been high, a result of the class’s pri­ma­ry role as an explor­er on the fron­tiers, and few of the orig­i­nal con­struc­tion run remain. A dozen more exam­ples of the class have been con­struct­ed over the last ten years. 

Year in Ser­vice: 2245
Dimen­sions: 288 m/127 m/71.8 m
Decks: 23 

Crew Com­ple­ment: 430
Cruis­ing Speed: Warp 6
Max­i­mum Speed: Warp 8 





Scale: 4


  • Phas­er Banks
  • Pho­ton Torpedoes
  • Trac­tor Beam (Strength 3)


  • Rugged Design
  • Mod­u­lar Laboratories
  • Inde­pen­dent Phas­er Pow­er Supply

Design: Jef­feries, Matt. Star Trek. Tele­vi­sion. Cre­at­ed by Gene Rod­den­ber­ry. Los Ange­les, CA: Desilu, 1966. Star Trek Adven­tures sta­tis­tics: Dowdell, Nathan, ed., Star Trek Adven­tures Core Rule­book (Modiphius Enter­tain­ment, 2017), 240.