Star Trek: Armstrong – Series Overview

Main Cast

Captain Ford Prefect, Commanding Officer

A Saur­i­an male and sur­viv­or of the Battle of Wolf 359, Cap­tain Pre­fect takes the pro­tec­tion of his crew very ser­i­ously. As a self-pro­claimed expert in clas­sic­al Earth lit­er­at­ure, he adop­ted the name “Ford Pre­fect” because his real name is dif­fi­cult for non-Saur­i­ans to pronounce.

Lieutenant Silas Winters, Senior Conn Officer

Lieu­ten­ant Win­ters is Human, and suf­fers from an incur­able med­ic­al con­di­tion, weak­en­ing him in extreme con­di­tions and lead­ing him to tire eas­ily. He remains at his best at the helm, and can react faster than his Deep South drawl implies.

Lieutenant Telpe Deku, Chief Science Officer

Lieu­ten­ant Deku is a Kosok, a sen­tient ambu­lat­ory plant. An impos­ing fig­ure, he spe­cial­ises in bio-sci­ences, but seems more than cap­able of hand­ling any field of sci­entif­ic enquiry.

Lieutenant Themba Gumede, Chief of Security

A power­fully-built Human, Lieu­ten­ant Gumede is respons­ible for secur­ity, both in space and on the ground. He has proved remark­ably reluct­ant to resort to viol­ence, but tends to flip to the oth­er extreme if provoked.

Lieutenant Taurrek, Chief Engineer

Lieu­ten­ant Taur­rek is Vul­can, and provides a calm ration­al­ity to the often chaot­ic Engin­eer­ing depart­ment. He is con­stantly tried by the short­com­ings of his team.

Lieutenant (jg) Ike Flemming, Diplomatic Liaison

Young and enthu­si­ast­ic, Lieu­ten­ant Flem­ming is respons­ible for first con­tact and dip­lo­mat­ic encoun­ters. He is proud of his Human/Betazoid ances­try, often mak­ing use of the “empath­ic cap­ab­il­it­ies” inher­ited from his single Betazoid great great great grandparent…

Supporting Cast

Sergeant Klarf, Engineer

Ser­geant Klarf is a Klin­gon exchange officer work­ing in Engin­eer­ing. His no-non­sense, per­cuss­ive approach to main­ten­ance reg­u­larly causes Taur­rek to wince.

Lieutenant (jg) Ivor Spector, Medical Officer

Des­pite a shad­owy past, Lieu­ten­ant Spect­or has proved an effect­ive med­ic­al officer. A Human, he tends to need watch­ing, as some­times his sci­entif­ic curi­os­ity over­whelms his ded­ic­a­tion to the Hip­po­crat­ic Oath.

Chief Petty Officer Brad Johnson, Security Officer

Chief John­son is one of the Secur­ity team lead­ers, and is well known for his ath­let­ic prowess and ded­ic­a­tion to his appear­ance. He is Human.

Recurring Cast

Captain Akul

Klin­gon com­mand­er of the IKS Mup­wI’. A no-non­sense war­ri­or who does not like delays.

Rear Admiral April Hebert

The Human com­mand­er of Star­fleet oper­a­tions in the Shack­leton Expanse.

General Kargan

Admir­al Heber­t’s Klin­gon coun­ter­part. A weary, but determ­ined lead­er of Klin­gon operations.

USS Neil Armstrong NCC-48728

The Arm­strong is a New Orleans-class frig­ate, around 2 dec­ades old. Des­pite her age, she has been deployed to the Shack­leton Expanse as part of the Star­fleet squad­ron explor­ing the region, along­side the USS Ven­ture NCC-71853 and the USS Thun­der­child NCC-63549. There, Star­fleet per­son­nel work with their Klin­gon coun­ter­parts to widen sci­entif­ic know­ledge of the region.