Captain Prefect’s personal log, stardate 48100.1

Per­son­al log stard­ate 48100.1, Cap­tain Ford Pre­fect recording.

As we arrive at the Nar­en­da sta­tion I have had time to reflect on how I got to my first com­mand and what may be in store for us. Grow­ing up on Saur­ia, the eld­est son of Politi­cians, I could nev­er have con­ceived of hold­ing a cap­tain’s chair one day nor was it a goal. My interest was in the stars and what lay bey­ond the insu­lar life of my par­ents and, much to their dis­ap­point­ment, I joined Star­fleet as soon as I was able so that I could “Boldly Go Where No-one Has Gone Before”. I had excelled in Xeno­zo­ology at school and held a spe­cial interest in ancient Earth cul­ture, so to work among, mostly, humans in the Sci­ence depart­ment of the Academy was a dream come true.

I haven’t shared much with the crew about that first, fate­ful mis­sion and the encounter with the Borg. The less said about my escape the bet­ter, but that first taste of com­mand­ing a ship, albeit just the run­about that we escaped on, had me set on a new path… lead­ing me to this point. What that encounter with the Borg taught me is that “We Must Nev­er Leave Our People Behind” and “I Will Lead This Crew From The Front”.

Should we encounter the Borg again I must res­cue those who have been assim­il­ated as “No-one Is Bey­ond Redemp­tion” and I am con­vinced that vestiges of the human­ity of my former crew­mates must remain. But we stand on the edge of a great adven­ture, tra­vers­ing the unknown in the Shack­leton Expanse with this tal­en­ted crew behind me, I am keen to set sail into the great unknown.