Captain Prefect’s personal log, stardate 48100.1

Personal log stardate 48100.1, Captain Ford Prefect recording.

As we arrive at the Narenda station I have had time to reflect on how I got to my first command and what may be in store for us. Growing up on Sauria, the eldest son of Politicians, I could never have conceived of holding a captain’s chair one day nor was it a goal. My interest was in the stars and what lay beyond the insular life of my parents and, much to their disappointment, I joined Starfleet as soon as I was able so that I could “Boldly Go Where No-one Has Gone Before”. I had excelled in Xenozoology at school and held a special interest in ancient Earth culture, so to work among, mostly, humans in the Science department of the Academy was a dream come true.

I haven’t shared much with the crew about that first, fateful mission and the encounter with the Borg. The less said about my escape the better, but that first taste of commanding a ship, albeit just the runabout that we escaped on, had me set on a new path… leading me to this point. What that encounter with the Borg taught me is that “We Must Never Leave Our People Behind” and “I Will Lead This Crew From The Front”.

Should we encounter the Borg again I must rescue those who have been assimilated as “No-one Is Beyond Redemption” and I am convinced that vestiges of the humanity of my former crewmates must remain. But we stand on the edge of a great adventure, traversing the unknown in the Shackleton Expanse with this talented crew behind me, I am keen to set sail into the great unknown.