Captain’s log, stardate 48175.1

Captain Ford Prefect recording.

After work on the Armstrong to configure our sensors and systems for the difficulties of the Shackleton Expanse, we set sail from Narendra Station with Venture and Thunderchild. We quickly received orders from Starfleet to seek out a missing Aerie-class ship, the SS Tesla, a small Federation science vessel in the Expanse cataloguing anomalies. Contact had been lost with them so we set out searching for plasma trails at their last known location.

We tracked them to the Orgun system and specifically to Orgun III (populated by a mid-21st century tech-level race similar to Earth lemurs). The other M-class planet in the system is Orgun II (a medieval tech civilisation).

Electromagnetic interference from Orgun III made scanning difficult, but we found the Tesla on the surface but with no life signs. The interference was coming from a subterranean source and causing both geological and electromagnetic issues across the surface.

I led a landing party to investigate the ship. It had crashed on the surface causing enough damage to know the landing was far from deliberate. The crew cabin was intact but the warp engines had been shut down and the ship’s data core removed. Alongside the ship were two recent graves, which tricorder readings showed were for one human and an Andorian. We later learned that the human the Captain of the Tesla.

While outside the ship we were engaged by the indigenous population and taken at gunpoint (but otherwise cordially) to their capital city, a cluster of trees, grown to provide homes and workspaces.