Captain’s log, stardate 48175.1

Cap­tain Ford Pre­fect recording.

After work on the Arm­strong to con­fig­ure our sen­sors and sys­tems for the dif­fi­cul­ties of the Shack­le­ton Expanse, we set sail from Naren­dra Sta­tion with Ven­ture and Thun­der­child. We quick­ly received orders from Starfleet to seek out a miss­ing Aerie-class ship, the SS Tes­la, a small Fed­er­a­tion sci­ence ves­sel in the Expanse cat­a­logu­ing anom­alies. Con­tact had been lost with them so we set out search­ing for plas­ma trails at their last known location.

We tracked them to the Orgun sys­tem and specif­i­cal­ly to Orgun III (pop­u­lat­ed by a mid-21st cen­tu­ry tech-lev­el race sim­i­lar to Earth lemurs). The oth­er M‑class plan­et in the sys­tem is Orgun II (a medieval tech civilisation).

Elec­tro­mag­net­ic inter­fer­ence from Orgun III made scan­ning dif­fi­cult, but we found the Tes­la on the sur­face but with no life signs. The inter­fer­ence was com­ing from a sub­ter­ranean source and caus­ing both geo­log­i­cal and elec­tro­mag­net­ic issues across the surface.

I led a land­ing par­ty to inves­ti­gate the ship. It had crashed on the sur­face caus­ing enough dam­age to know the land­ing was far from delib­er­ate. The crew cab­in was intact but the warp engines had been shut down and the ship’s data core removed. Along­side the ship were two recent graves, which tri­corder read­ings showed were for one human and an Ando­ri­an. We lat­er learned that the human the Cap­tain of the Tes­la.

While out­side the ship we were engaged by the indige­nous pop­u­la­tion and tak­en at gun­point (but oth­er­wise cor­dial­ly) to their cap­i­tal city, a clus­ter of trees, grown to pro­vide homes and workspaces.