Captain’s log, stardate 48175.2

We met the sur­viv­ing crew of the Tesla, who advised that they had volun­teered to assist the Lor­vi­ans repat­ri­ate as many of their people to Orgun II.

In light of our oblig­a­tions under the Prime Dir­ect­ive, the option of relo­cat­ing to a pre-space travel world by a sub-warp civil­isa­tion is a worse scen­ario than us inter­fer­ing with the devel­op­ment of Orgun III by invest­ig­at­ing and pos­sibly resolv­ing the issues with the sub-sur­face energy source, so this is where we have focused our efforts.

We have estab­lished the energy source is ali­en to the plan­et. It is a fusion reac­tion around 5km under the plan­et sur­face in a cave form­a­tion that we intend to tra­verse. We estim­ate there is no more than two weeks before the geo­lo­gic­al and elec­tro­mag­net­ic issues impact­ing the plan­et make the world uninhabitable.

Assess­ing the impact of the Prime Dir­ect­ive, we feel that inter­fer­ence is jus­ti­fied. The pop­u­la­tion are not mil­it­ar­ist­ic, have a single gov­ern­ment and des­pite not pos­sess­ing warp tech­no­logy are oth­er­wise a spe­cies that could be con­sidered as pos­sible applic­ants to the Fed­er­a­tion. The energy source is arti­fi­cial and not related to this civil­isa­tion, nor do we believe it is linked back to anoth­er indi­gen­ous civil­isa­tion and there­fore rep­res­ents a pre­vi­ous con­tam­in­a­tion of Orgun III and we can act to remove or dis­able the energy source without breach­ing our obligations.