Captain’s log, stardate 48175.2

We met the surviving crew of the Tesla, who advised that they had volunteered to assist the Lorvians repatriate as many of their people to Orgun II.

In light of our obligations under the Prime Directive, the option of relocating to a pre-space travel world by a sub-warp civilisation is a worse scenario than us interfering with the development of Orgun III by investigating and possibly resolving the issues with the sub-surface energy source, so this is where we have focused our efforts.

We have established the energy source is alien to the planet. It is a fusion reaction around 5km under the planet surface in a cave formation that we intend to traverse. We estimate there is no more than two weeks before the geological and electromagnetic issues impacting the planet make the world uninhabitable.

Assessing the impact of the Prime Directive, we feel that interference is justified. The population are not militaristic, have a single government and despite not possessing warp technology are otherwise a species that could be considered as possible applicants to the Federation. The energy source is artificial and not related to this civilisation, nor do we believe it is linked back to another indigenous civilisation and therefore represents a previous contamination of Orgun III and we can act to remove or disable the energy source without breaching our obligations.