Lt. jg Flemming’s personal log, stardate 48175.3

Personal log, stardate 48175.3, Lieutenant (junior grade) Ike Flemming recording. (Diplomatic Officer, USS Armstrong)

Our mission to recover the missing scientists led us to Orgun III. The planet itself is fascinating, as it is populated by a mid 21st century tech-level race similar to Earth lemurs. I will write a full and formal study of my observations as we complete our return journey to Narendra Station. I wanted to write now to clear my mind of two issues which are troubling me. I have tried to practice the folk music of my ancestors to soothe me but with the rest of the crew seemingly too occupied by surprisingly urgent tasks to be an audience I will see if journaling helps.

Both issues relate to the resolution of events on Orgun III. As I will detail elsewhere we found the missing scientists’ ship, were escorted by the locals to their main settlement – replete with exquisite amber coloured amber structures – met the scientists and discovered a) that the world was under existential threat from seismic activity and b) there was a mysterious energy source underground. Sensing the away team’s uncertainty over the implications for the Prime Directive I highlighted that if this energy source could be proven to be alien interference with the natives we could make a case to avoid the locals becoming the 49th civilization the Federation would have to abandon to its fate. However, it is the events that occurred below ground investigation that now disturb me.

We found the alien energy source 5km below ground. It was an extraordinary set of machinery – not like anything I had seen and with the closest comparison perhaps being the representation of future science in those terrible mid 19th century Earth films Ensign Tan has made me watch. The system was clearly unstable and it would need a careful intervention to balance it again – an intervention that could only happen if I could somehow translate the symbology on the machinery.

Initially, I tried an octal system, as I was getting a strong sense of the number eight from the apparatus. However, regardless of whether I tried it with a recurring phonetic motif or not, I had no success. Then the Captain gave me a rousing peptalk and it somehow helped me to recall the memory I needed. At the Academy, I had made my life harder by choosing a project on newly discovered language – after all, the exotic is always better. It wasn’t until a chance conversation with the groundskeeper about how Earth’s gravity impacted the shape of flowers that I had cracked it. I realised that a similar approach was needed here. Once I had the breakthrough, it was simple and I was able to provide instructions to the Lieutenant on the engineering approach needed. With some careful changes the machine was stabilised and the planet was saved. Alas, while this could have a been a moment to show to my superiors the Untapped Potential that I know I have within me, it was un-commented upon, showing once again, that what you do only gets you so far. I need to let this go and yet I seemingly cannot. The frustration at the failure of my empathic skills to provide an insight is then compounded by a lack of dramatic recognition.

To make matters worse I am not sure that our intervention is compliant with the Prime Directive. Close investigation of the alien machinery has revealed that it is ancient. So ancient it would appear to be predate the local civilization. Worse than that, Orgun III itself has been moved out of its natural orbit. This suggests to me that the entire current civilization is therefore a creation of aliens. We are not therefore saving a civilization from alien interference but instead with the natural progress of events. I do not therefore believe that we should have become involved. What was created by these unknowns will also be destroyed by their technology. There is a natural symmetry that I do not think we can justify breaking. I sought to make this case to the Captain but sensed this was not welcome. I did not push it, as I am careful – there are always consequences. But now, at this hour I am absolutely convinced the Captain has made a mistake and breached the Prime Directive.