Lt. jg Flemming’s personal log, stardate 48175.3 supplemental

Per­son­al log, stard­ate 48175.3 sup­ple­ment­al, Lieu­ten­ant (juni­or grade) Ike Flem­ming record­ing. (Dip­lo­mat­ic Officer, USS Armstrong)

It would seem that the Cap­tain is due to meet Admir­al Hebert for a Tribunal on his beha­viour in regards to the Prime Dir­ect­ive. I under­stand that rel­ev­ant per­son­al logs will be submitted.

Sep­ar­ately, I am now sub­mit­ting a cla­ri­fic­at­ory entry to my pre­vi­ous log. Regret­fully, it would appear that I allowed the emo­tions I had built up for my planned rendi­tion of ‘…’ , the 100 year old clas­sic that I was unable to per­form due to a lack of an audi­ence, to seep into my judge­ment. Rather than release them through the medi­um of tele­path­ic song this emo­tion clearly clouded my reas­on­ing. I believe that it is a com­mon Betazoid prob­lem. Or at least in my family.

Hav­ing slept on it is now clear to me that the Captain’s actions were entirely jus­ti­fied under the Prime Dir­ect­ive. And I am sure the Cap­tain fully con­sidered all argu­ments appro­pri­ately. I should remem­ber to always trust my instinct about people.