Lt. jg Flemming’s personal log, stardate 48175.3 supplemental

Personal log, stardate 48175.3 supplemental, Lieutenant (junior grade) Ike Flemming recording. (Diplomatic Officer, USS Armstrong)

It would seem that the Captain is due to meet Admiral Hebert for a Tribunal on his behaviour in regards to the Prime Directive. I understand that relevant personal logs will be submitted.

Separately, I am now submitting a clarificatory entry to my previous log. Regretfully, it would appear that I allowed the emotions I had built up for my planned rendition of ‘…’ , the 100 year old classic that I was unable to perform due to a lack of an audience, to seep into my judgement. Rather than release them through the medium of telepathic song this emotion clearly clouded my reasoning. I believe that it is a common Betazoid problem. Or at least in my family.

Having slept on it is now clear to me that the Captain’s actions were entirely justified under the Prime Directive. And I am sure the Captain fully considered all arguments appropriately. I should remember to always trust my instinct about people.