Monthly Archives: June 2020

Unnatural History

Quentin dresses up; Lumby slightly less so. Played Epis­ode 1: 21st May; Epis­ode 2: 28th May; Epis­ode 3: 4th June 2020. Dramatis Per­sonæ Quentin Wedg­­wood-Smythe, the Vis­count Wey­mouth – an Occult Schol­ar. Lumby Jones – a Very Weird Sci­ent­ist. Mis­ter Erasmus Rooke – the Boss. Doc­tor Richard Mitchell – an Exped­i­tion­ary Palæon­to­lo­gist. Alex­an­dros Helios – an Incom­pet­ent Unnat­ur­al History

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