Star Trek: The Black Cluster: Episode Guide

Mission Log: U.S.S. Lyonesse NCC-2278

2295. In the wake of the Khitomer Accords, Cap­tain Mas­uda and the crew of the USS Lyo­n­esse are assigned to explore the mys­ter­i­ous Black Cluster.

Season 1

Stardates 9823–9851, 2295

The star­ship Lyo­n­esse departs Star­base 514 to begin her explor­a­tion of the legendary Black Cluster. As well as dis­cov­er­ing new cul­tures and types of cos­mo­zoa, their ini­tial explor­a­tions uncov­er traces of both the lost Vul­can ship Sonak, and a 22nd cen­tury Earth star­ship. Their way home blocked, they are forced to carry on with reduced sup­plies, into the ter­rit­ory of the mys­ter­i­ous K’si.

Season 2

Stardates 9852–9958, 2295–2296

Lyo­n­esse con­tin­ues into the heart of the Black Cluster, uncov­er­ing the final fate of Sonak, and estab­lish­ing con­tact with the Vahari, rivals of the K’si who may not be what they appear to be.

Season 3

Stardates 9958‑, 2296-

After a six month lay­over at New Vahar, Lyo­n­esse returns to her mis­sion, while hunt­ing for a way out of the Black Cluster.