Star Trek: The Black Cluster, season 3

U.S.S. Lyonesse NCC-2278

Stard­ates: 9958‑, 2296-

  • Prayers of Suppression, Part I

    Stard­ate, 9970.1. A land­ing party from Lyo­n­esse goes under­cov­er on a world under the sway of the mys­ter­i­ous K’si.

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  • Prayers of Suppression, Part II

    Stard­ate, 9970.7. An acci­dent­al rev­el­a­tion leads to the land­ing party meet­ing a revolu­tion­ary group, then get­ting caught up in a crack­down by the reli­gious authorities.

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  • The Supreme Mandate, Part I

    Stard­ate, 9971.2. Lyo­n­esse’s crew invest­ig­ates a mys­ter­i­ous struc­ture on an unin­hab­ited world.

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  • The Supreme Mandate, Part II

    Stard­ate, 9971.3. Cap­tain Mas­uda and her crew encounter the K’si in per­son for the first time. It does not go well.

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  • The Survivors

    Stard­ate, 9966.7. Vale, Valik and James deal with assor­ted per­son­al issues as Lyo­n­esse traces pos­sible escapees from the

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