The Crew of the Lyonesse

Portraits of the cast of Star Trek: The Black Cluster.

Main Cast

Portrait of Captain Masuda.
Cap­tain Masuda

Captain Masuda Akari


Mas­uda Akari is the Human com­mand­ing officer of USS Lyo­n­esse. This is her first com­mand, but she has a strong back­ground in dip­lomacy and exploration.

Portrait of Commander Shran.
Com­mand­er Shran

Commander Shyvaol Ch’Shran


Com­mand­er Shran is Lyo­n­esse’s Andori­an exec­ut­ive officer. He finds it hard to live up to the repu­ta­tion of his great, great grand­fath­er, Thy’lek Shran, the Imper­i­al Guard com­mand­er who befriended Jonath­an Arch­er and brought the Empire into the Federation.

Portrait of Lieutenant Commander Vale-of-Winds
Lieu­ten­ant Com­mand­er Vale-of-Winds

Lieutenant Commander Fatima Vale-of-Winds


Dr Vale-of-Winds comes from the Gai­an cul­ture on the Human colony world of Alpha Cen­tauri, return­ing to Star­fleet late in life after sev­er­al dec­ades as a civil­ian. She spe­cial­ises in radi­at­ive energy ther­apies, with a strong spir­itu­al emphas­is, but also likes to emphas­ise a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Portrait of Lieutenant Astan.
Lieu­ten­ant Astan

Lieutenant Karlan Astan


Kar­lan Astan is the Deltan chief of secur­ity. He has spent most of his career work­ing law enforce­ment around space sta­tions and ports, and prefers to resolve dif­fi­cult situ­ations through nego­ti­ation. After los­ing his fam­ily to raid­ers as a child, he finds it hard to relax his nat­ur­al sus­pi­cions of strangers.

Portrsit of Lieutenant Valik.
Lieu­ten­ant Valik

Lieutenant Valik


Valik is the Vul­can chief engin­eer. He is a blunt and prac­tic­al man, apply­ing his logic­al train­ing to improv­ing effi­cien­cies and resolv­ing dif­fi­culties; he dis­likes impro­visa­tion, pre­fer­ring to plan his work care­fully in advance. His uncle was a mem­ber of the crew of the star­ship Sonak, lost in the Black Cluster.

Portrait of Ensign Kheled.
Ensign Kheled

Provisional Ensign Kheled


Kheled is an exchange officer from a Zaran­ite gas trawl­er, serving as the seni­or helms­man due to his exper­i­ence with neb­ula travel. He spent a year as a Kzinti slave, and dis­trusts non-Zaranites.

Portrait of Ensign Lock.
Ensign Lock

Ensign Jason Lock


Jason Lock is the Human nav­ig­at­or, although he’s also an accom­plished pilot. He is fresh out of the Academy, where he had a repu­ta­tion for push­ing the lim­its, both in curi­os­ity and daring.

Supporting Cast

Nurse Brag is a Tel­lar­ite mem­ber of Vale-of Wind’s staff in sick­bay. He’s not noted for his bed­side manner.

Ensign Saur­ik is a Vul­can sci­ence officer, spe­cial­ising in stel­lar car­to­graphy. He is also the only Vul­can in the crew trained to make use of his innate tele­path­ic abilities.

Crew­man Samuel Ewendi is a Human mem­ber of the engin­eer­ing department.

Sci­ence Spe­cial­ist Ara is an Aquan archae­olo­gist and antropologist.