Callisto-class Light Cruiser

Three-view orthographic plans of the Callisto-class light cruiser.
Cal­listo-class Light Cruiser

Over the last cen­tury, it has been Star­fleet policy to design cruis­er classes in pairs: a heavy mod­el with multi-role cap­ab­il­it­ies built-in, and a light­er ves­sel, adapt­able to a new mis­sion pro­file in a short peri­od of time. For the Con­sti­tu­tion-class, that coun­ter­part is the Cal­listo. These ves­sels have proved to be extremely ver­sat­ile, and can be found per­form­ing exten­ded survery, sci­ence and explor­at­ory mis­sions across the Fed­er­a­tion. Some have been adap­ted for pri­or­ity cargo trans­port, and the cruis­er-class arma­ments can give pir­ates a nasty sur­prise. One Cal­listo-class cruis­er, USS Mir­anda (NCC-1833) is cur­rently act­ing as the test bed for the next gen­er­a­tion of Star­fleet warp technology.

  • Year in Ser­vice: 2247
  • Dimen­sions: 234m/127 m/69.5 m
  • Decks: 15
  • Crew Com­ple­ment: 340
  • Cruis­ing Speed: Warp 5
  • Max­im­um Speed: Warp 7





Scale: 4


  • Phaser Banks
  • Photon Tor­pedoes
  • Tract­or Beam (Strength 3)


  • Extens­ive Shuttlebays

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