Ministry Personnel File: Miss April Sharpe

A Self-taught Inventor.


A young woman of the lower classes, carrying a heavily-laden doctor’s bag.


April Sharpe grew up in the East End, not far from the docks of Wapping, daughter to a reclusive widower. Aloysius Sharpe was a gunsmith, but his clientele were neither Army nor aristocratic. Instead, he provided weapons for the underworld: gangsters, smugglers and revolutionaries. Despite his lowly status, his profession provided him with enough income to get his daughter a technical education and allow her to attend some of the regular demonstrations of new sciences and technologies held in the city. With little interest in the children in the streets outside, April learned her father’s skills and applied them to some of the new ideas she had seen.

The young Miss Sharpe was 18 when her father became a casualty of the growing gang wars of the Docklands, killed by a former customer who discovered that he was selling to all sides. After attending to his funeral, April retired to his basement workshop for over a week. When she emerged, carrying a large Gladstone bag, she headed straight for the Limehouse headquarters of her father’s murderer. The Ministry were called to the scene an hour later, after reports of mass spontaneous combustion. While April was a master of technology, her skills in evading detection were slight, and they had no difficulty tracking her down. She was somewhat surprised when they offered her to complete her education and provide an outlet for her skills; she agreed to join the Quartermaster’s Department.

Created by Lisa.

Savage Worlds Statistics

Rank: Novice


Status0Weird Scienced10


  • Arcane Background (Weird Science – power: Bolt)
  • New Power (power: Detect/Conceal Arcana)
  • New Power (power: Mind Reading)


  • Code of Honour
  • Poverty


  • The ‘Ectoray Orgonator’ (a large, somewhat fragile gunlike construction, firing a charged spray of corrosive liquid)
  • ‘Sharpe’s Dectectoronatron’ (a hand-held, dome-shaped device, fashioned of glass, in which a grey mist swirls)
  • ‘Sharpe’s Neurofuzzycontroller’ (a hand-held wand-like device, topped by four pincers)
  • Galvanic torch
  • Modified derringer pistol
  • Toolkit in a large doctor’s bag