Ministry Personnel File: Miss April Sharpe

A Self-taught Inventor.


A young woman of the lower classes, car­ry­ing a heav­ily-laden doc­tor’s bag.


April Sharpe grew up in the East End, not far from the docks of Wap­ping, daugh­ter to a reclus­ive wid­ower. Aloysi­us Sharpe was a gun­smith, but his cli­en­tele were neither Army nor aris­to­crat­ic. Instead, he provided weapons for the under­world: gang­sters, smug­glers and revolu­tion­ar­ies. Des­pite his lowly status, his pro­fes­sion provided him with enough income to get his daugh­ter a tech­nic­al edu­ca­tion and allow her to attend some of the reg­u­lar demon­stra­tions of new sci­ences and tech­no­lo­gies held in the city. With little interest in the chil­dren in the streets out­side, April learned her father­’s skills and applied them to some of the new ideas she had seen.

The young Miss Sharpe was 18 when her fath­er became a cas­u­alty of the grow­ing gang wars of the Dock­lands, killed by a former cus­tom­er who dis­covered that he was selling to all sides. After attend­ing to his funer­al, April retired to his base­ment work­shop for over a week. When she emerged, car­ry­ing a large Glad­stone bag, she headed straight for the Lime­house headquar­ters of her father­’s mur­der­er. The Min­istry were called to the scene an hour later, after reports of mass spon­tan­eous com­bus­tion. While April was a mas­ter of tech­no­logy, her skills in evad­ing detec­tion were slight, and they had no dif­fi­culty track­ing her down. She was some­what sur­prised when they offered her to com­plete her edu­ca­tion and provide an out­let for her skills; she agreed to join the Quarter­mas­ter­’s Department.

Cre­ated by Lisa.

Savage Worlds Statistics

Rank: Novice


Status0Weird Sci­enced10


  • Arcane Back­ground (Weird Sci­ence – power: Bolt)
  • New Power (power: Detect/Conceal Arcana)
  • New Power (power: Mind Reading)


  • Code of Honour
  • Poverty


  • The ‘Ect­oray Orgon­at­or’ (a large, some­what fra­gile gun­like con­struc­tion, fir­ing a charged spray of cor­ros­ive liquid)
  • ‘Sharpe’s Dec­tect­oronatron’ (a hand-held, dome-shaped device, fash­ioned of glass, in which a grey mist swirls)
  • ‘Sharpe’s Neur­o­fuzzy­con­trol­ler’ (a hand-held wand-like device, topped by four pincers)
  • Gal­van­ic torch
  • Mod­i­fied der­rin­ger pistol
  • Toolkit in a large doc­tor’s bag