Ministry Personnel File: Miss Constantina Spit

A Rebel­li­ous Debutante.


A very young lady of inde­pend­ent means, an aris­to­crat­ic bear­ing and strik­ing looks. 


As the eld­est daugh­ter of an arist­i­crat­ic fam­ily with a long his­tory, Con­stantina was expec­ted to fol­low the same pat­tern as oth­er girls of her class, attend­ing the Sea­son in Lon­don, engage­ment to a young man of means, mar­riage and chil­dren in an eleg­ant coun­try home. She was, how­ever, a rebel­li­ous child, and expressed her inde­pend­ence in a num­ber of ways, most not­ably by join­ing a nearby secret soci­ety ded­ic­ated to study­ing the Her­met­ic magic­al tra­di­tion, show­ing remark­able talent.

When she was finally ready to be taken to Lon­don and intro­duced into Soci­ety, she began to dis­ap­pear on a fre­quent basis, begin­ning an asso­ci­ation with oth­er young aris­to­crat­ic magi­cians and delving into the arcane mys­ter­ies. Even­tu­ally, her ‘cabal’ decided it was time to start exper­i­ment­ing with some ser­i­ous magic and attemp­ted to sum­mon a major spir­it. Nat­ur­ally, it all went wrong and the group broke up as they tried to escape, leav­ing one of their num­ber dead and anoth­er in the power of the demon they had con­jured. Con­stantina was the only one to stand her ground, stead­ily repeat­ing the magic words that were sup­posed to ban­ish the creature, even though they had little effect. Her sal­va­tion came in the form of agents of the Min­istry, who arrived in time to des­troy the spir­it before it could kill her. Recog­nising her tal­ents, gif­ted but untrained, they offered her the option to con­tin­ue her stud­ies and use them for the bene­fit of the Empire.

Cre­ated by Stella.

Savage Worlds Statistics

Rank: Novice




  • Arcane back­ground (Occult – powers: Deflec­tion, Light, Stun)
  • Attract­ive


  • Arrog­ant
  • Pho­bia (minor – men with beards)
  • Stub­born


  • Sword­stick (dis­guised as a parasol)