Ministry Personnel File: Miss Constantina Spit

A Rebellious Debutante.


A very young lady of independent means, an aristocratic bearing and striking looks.


As the eldest daughter of an aristicratic family with a long history, Constantina was expected to follow the same pattern as other girls of her class, attending the Season in London, engagement to a young man of means, marriage and children in an elegant country home. She was, however, a rebellious child, and expressed her independence in a number of ways, most notably by joining a nearby secret society dedicated to studying the Hermetic magical tradition, showing remarkable talent.

When she was finally ready to be taken to London and introduced into Society, she began to disappear on a frequent basis, beginning an association with other young aristocratic magicians and delving into the arcane mysteries. Eventually, her ‘cabal’ decided it was time to start experimenting with some serious magic and attempted to summon a major spirit. Naturally, it all went wrong and the group broke up as they tried to escape, leaving one of their number dead and another in the power of the demon they had conjured. Constantina was the only one to stand her ground, steadily repeating the magic words that were supposed to banish the creature, even though they had little effect. Her salvation came in the form of agents of the Ministry, who arrived in time to destroy the spirit before it could kill her. Recognising her talents, gifted but untrained, they offered her the option to continue her studies and use them for the benefit of the Empire.

Created by Stella.

Savage Worlds Statistics

Rank: Novice




  • Arcane background (Occult – powers: Deflection, Light, Stun)
  • Attractive


  • Arrogant
  • Phobia (minor – men with beards)
  • Stubborn


  • Swordstick (disguised as a parasol)