Captain’s Log, Stardate 9823.1

After a year of fit­ting out and six months of shake-down, Lyo­n­esse is finally approach­ing Star­base 514 and her form­al com­mis­sion­ing. I and many of the care­taker staff will be tak­ing our leave and hand­ing her over to her new com­mand­ing officer, Cap­tain Mas­uda Akari.

Like her sis­ters, Lyo­n­esse has per­formed well dur­ing her shake­down tests. There are some linger­ing issues with sub­space field shap­ing and some minor pieces of equip­ment, but Lieu­ten­ant Valik appears to have cor­rec­tion works well in hand. As the ves­sel’s des­ig­nated chief engin­eer, I have con­fid­ence that he should be able to handle any unex­pec­ted fail­ures, although I am cer­tain the repor­ted con­di­tions in their assigned mis­sion region will chal­lenge even him.

Ser­vices have done their best to organ­ise the spe­cial­ised quar­ters for Ensign Kheled. While it has not been unknown in dip­lo­mat­ic circles, this is the first time that reg­u­lar officer­’s quar­ters have been cus­tom­ised for the pecu­li­ar require­ments of a Zara­ni­an. The cor­ros­ive ele­ments of his world’s atmo­sphere have posed some inter­est­ing dif­fi­culties in con­tain­ment and dur­ab­il­ity. I shall be mon­it­or­ing the reports on this with interest.

Sim­il­arly, I have some linger­ing con­cerns over the exper­i­ment­al equip­ment required by Doc­tor Vale-of-Winds. I have heard she was instru­ment­al in devel­op­ing many of the asso­ci­ated pro­ced­ures, but the devices so advanced that I am unable to cer­ti­fy their cap­ab­il­it­ies to any accept­able stand­ard. I will need to make sure she is aware of this caveat.

Com­mand han­dover is always a dif­fi­cult time for a shake­down com­mand­er like myself, and I some­times feel it is akin to hand­ing one’s child over to the nurs­er­ies fol­low­ing their jchalak cere­mony. There is always a con­cern that the one tak­ing on the duty of care will not live up to their respons­ib­il­ity. While I am not famil­i­ar with Cap­tain Mas­uda’s record, I am sure she would not have been assigned com­mand if she were not capable.

Fair sail­ing, Lyo­n­esse

Lieu­ten­ant Com­mand­er Tek, Com­mand­ing Officer, Lyo­n­esse NCC-2278.