Star Trek: Lexington, season 4

U.S.S. Lexington NCC-30405

Stard­ates: 50065-??? (2373)

These are the voy­ages of the Star­ship Lex­ing­ton. Its five-year mis­sion: to explore strange new worlds, uncov­er the ruins of ancient civil­isa­tions and under­stand their technology.

With Nar­en­dra Sta­tion under Klin­gon con­trol, the mis­sion takes on a more des­per­ate tone.

  • The Needs of the Few, Part I

    Stard­ate 50065.8. A month after the Battle of Nar­en­dra Sta­tion, Lex­ing­ton is dis­patched to find a safe route to remote Fed­er­a­tion colon­ies. While invest­ig­at­ing unusu­al sig­nals from an unin­hab­ited sys­tem, the crew dis­cov­er a legendary life-form, and a hos­tile new civilisation.

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  • The Needs of the Few, Part II

    Stard­ate, 50108.1. Stran­ded in space as a res­ult of the Vin­Shari theft of their warp core, the crew of the Lex­ing­ton is forced to seek new allies.

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  • The Needs of the Few, Part III

    Stard­ate, 50110.7. The Lex­ing­ton crew and their Ar-Ka-Se allies sneak into the Vin­Shari sys­tem to try and retrieve their warp core and lib­er­ate the Ha’kiv.

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  • Second Contact, Part I

    Stard­ate, 50126.2. Lex­ing­ton is summoned back to Setu to nego­ti­ate a form­al treaty with the Akaru, but it appears someone on the plan­et is in des­per­ate need of assistance.

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  • Second Contact, Part II

    Stard­ate, 50148.3. Cap­tain Kon­in and his seni­or officers attempt to find out the Klin­gons’ inten­tions before the nego­ti­ations start. Zepht leads a cov­ert mis­sion to invest­ig­ate the mys­ter­i­ous facil­ity at the bot­tom of Setu’s seas.

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  • Second Contact, Part III

    Stard­ate, 50149.2. Cap­tain Kon­in con­tin­ues his treaty nego­ti­ations with the Akaru. Zeph­t’s away mis­sion takes a turn towards the macabre as the land­ing party dis­cov­ers the ori­gin of the tele­path­ic dis­tress calls and uncov­ers a major secret.

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  • Strategic Location

    Stard­ate, 50255.7. When the war with the Klin­gons re-ignites, the Lex­ing­ton is diver­ted to defend a stra­tegic­ally-import­ant sensor array.

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  • Coda, Part I

    Stard­ate, 50380.1. While car­ry­ing out a routine inspec­tion of an archae­olo­gic­al exped­i­tion, the seni­or officers find them­selves trans­por­ted a cen­tury back in time.

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  • Back to Reality, Part I

    Stard­ate, 30353.7. An away team explor­ing the unusu­ally dense Pinicon aster­oid belt finds itself drawn into anoth­er dimen­sion, where it has an unex­pec­ted encounter.

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  • Back to Reality, Part II

    Stard­ate, 30354.1. While explor­ing an unusu­al aster­oid belt, Zepht, Azon­an and Quinn come face to face with their coun­ter­parts from a much less for­tu­nate universe.

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  • Coda, Part II

    Stard­ate, 5797.6. The stran­ded away team makes plans to get off the ship before its appoint­ment with destruc­tion, before learn­ing more about the ruins on the plan­et and the fate of their predecessors.

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