Star Trek: Lexington, season 3

U.S.S. Lexington NCC-30405

Stard­ates: 48966–49986 (2372)

These are the voy­ages of the Star­ship Lex­ing­ton. Its five-year mis­sion: to explore strange new worlds, uncov­er the ruins of ancient civil­isa­tions and under­stand their technology.

Lex­ing­ton con­tin­ues her explor­a­tions of the Tilikaal her­it­age against a back­drop of polit­ic­al chaos and war.

  • As Many as Six Impossible Things, Part I

    Stard­ate, 48966.9. Stran­ded in a strange void, Lex­ing­ton’s crew attempts to dis­cov­er more about the mys­ter­i­ous Tilikaal while find­ing a way home.

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  • As Many as Six Impossible Things, Part II

    Stard­ate, unknown. Now that they are aware of the Tilikaal’s situ­ation, Cap­tain Kon­in and his crew get to work build­ing a way to get home. Unfor­tu­nately, the situ­ation in the Expanse has changed some­what dur­ing their absence.

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  • The Qofuari Conundrum

    Stard­ate, 49101.5. Stran­ded on a sup­posedly prim­it­ive world after a shuttle­craft acci­dent, Zepht, Quinn and Azon­an make an unusu­al dis­cov­ery about the natives.

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  • Call Back Yesterday

    Stard­ate, 49143.7. Romu­lan inter­fer­ence with a sur­vey exped­i­tion to an aban­doned world exposes the team to per­son­al trau­mas, and leads to unex­pec­ted violence.

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  • The Orion Heist, Part I

    Stard­ate, 49182.7. While Cap­tain Kon­in grapples with his chief engin­eer­’s appar­ent murder of an uncon­scious pris­on­er, Lieu­ten­ant Com­mand­er Raynor invest­ig­ates the theft of a num­ber of Tilikaal arte­facts from a secure stor­age area on Nar­en­dra Station.

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  • The Orion Heist, Part II

    Stard­ate, 49183.3. Zepht leads a board­ing party on to the dan­ger­ously unstable wreck of the Castle Rock, hop­ing to retrieve the miss­ing artefacts.

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  • Safe Passage, Part I

    Stard­ate, 49303.7. Lex­ing­ton is escor­ted through Klin­gon space by a Klin­gon battle­cruis­er, but its com­mand­er has dark­er plans.

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  • Safe Passage, Part II

    Stard­ate, 49316.5. Cap­tains Kon­in and Daak, and their seni­or officers begin their attempt to regain con­trol of the hijacked Lexington.

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  • Safe Passage, Part III

    Stard­ate, 49317.1. Hav­ing sab­ot­aged V’Roth’s flag­ship, the seni­or officers return to Lex­ing­ton, intent on retak­ing control.

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  • Come the Rapture

    Stard­ate, 49669.2. The crew invest­ig­ates the sud­den dis­ap­pear­ance of the entire pop­u­la­tion of a remote colony.

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  • Joy’s Soul Lies in the Doing, Part I

    Stard­ate, 49767.5. The Lex­ing­ton crew comes to the assist­ance of a dam­aged star­ship, mak­ing first con­tact with a new culture.

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  • Joy’s Soul Lies in the Doing, Part II

    Stard­ate, 49798.0. The seni­or officers meet the Iry­ax, and attempt to dis­cov­er their con­nec­tion to the Tilikaal. Mean­while, a garbled mes­sage is inter­cep­ted from the Tilikaal themselves.

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  • The Chimes at Midnight

    Stard­ate, 49660.2. As ten­sions with the Klin­gons rise to break­ing point, Cap­tain Akul invites Kon­in to take part in a ritu­al to cement the bond between their crews.

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  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Stard­ate, 49969.4. The Lex­ing­ton com­mand crew con­tin­ues its com­pet­it­ive ritu­al with the seni­or officers of the Mup­wI’, its mem­bers fin­ish­ing some­what battered and, in some cases, wiser. Unfor­tu­nately, this seems to be just the calm before the storm.

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  • Let Slip the Dogs of War!

    Stard­ate, 49986.7. Admir­al Heber­t’s forces fight a des­per­ate rear­guard action as the Klin­gons over­whelm the sta­tion’s defences.

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