Star Trek: Lexington, season 2

U.S.S. Lexington NCC-30405

Stard­ates: 48127–48965 (2371)

These are the voy­ages of the Star­ship Lex­ing­ton. Its five-year mis­sion: to explore strange new worlds, uncov­er the ruins of ancient civil­isa­tions and under­stand their technology.

A cen­tury later, in 2371, Lex­ing­ton’s name­sake is assigned to join a new ini­ti­at­ive to explore the Shack­leton Expanse on the far side of the Klin­gon Empire. A series of dis­cov­er­ies dis­play a remark­able sim­il­ar­ity to those dis­covered in 2269, but there are indic­a­tions that the civil­isa­tion that left them may not be extinct.

  • Decision Point, Part I

    Stard­ate, 48127.2. Arriv­ing at Nar­en­dra Sta­tion to take up her new assign­ment, U.S.S. Lex­ing­ton hardly has time to pick up some new crew mem­bers, before head­ing out to res­cue a miss­ing team of scientists.

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  • Decision point, Part II

    Stard­ate, 48127.5. Lex­ing­ton has found the miss­ing ves­sel, but her crew are act­ively help­ing a pre-warp soci­ety avoid a cata­clysm. The Prime Dir­ect­ive may not apply to civil­ians, but it does put a Star­fleet crew in an awk­ward position.

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  • Fading Sun, Part I

    Stard­ate, 48198.3. When Cap­tain Adred resigns his com­mis­sion and dis­ap­pears in the middle of the night, the crew sus­pects foul play. How­ever, their mis­sion must con­tin­ue, as they deliv­er sup­plies to a remote sta­tion, under a strict new com­mand­ing officer.

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  • Fading Sun, Part II

    Stard­ate, 48213.1. Escap­ing from the lift shaft, Lex­ing­ton’s away team aids in dis­aster recov­ery, fights nefar­i­ous pir­ates and dis­cov­ers what really caused the explosions.

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  • Tug of War, Part I

    Stard­ate, 48321.4. Lex­ing­ton uncov­ers the tra­gic story of neigh­bour­ing worlds that appear to have been oblit­er­ated by sim­ul­tan­eous aster­oid impacts.

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  • Tug of War, Part II

    Stard­ate, 48322.1. Pum­melled by a pair of power­ful tract­or beams, the Lex­ing­ton crew struggles to effect repairs and escape their grip.

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  • Signals

    Stard­ate, 48390.1. A search and recov­ery oper­a­tion in the Carina Neb­ula reveals an unex­pec­ted cache of ancient technology.

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  • Convoy SE-119, Part I

    Stard­ate, 48612.9. Escort­ing a sup­ply con­voy through an anom­aly-filled region of space, Lex­ing­ton and her charges are attacked by pirates.

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  • Convoy SE-119, Part II

    Stard­ate, 48625.7. While escort­ing a con­voy to a remote sci­ence out­post, Mup­wI’ has suffered dam­age to her warp drive, leav­ing Lex­ing­ton to defend against a horde of pir­ates alone.

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  • We are the stars that sing with our lives

    Stard­ate, 48673.4. Sent to assist with the evac­u­ation of a team of archae­olo­gists from a sys­tem in danger of immin­ent destruc­tion, Lex­ing­ton is nearly caught in the cata­strophe herself.

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  • The Assessor Gambit, Part I

    Stard­ate 48942.6. Cap­tain Kon­in and his seni­or officers attend a brief­ing con­cern­ing the archae­olo­gic­al dis­cov­er­ies made so far and the poten­tial of a new site close to the Romu­lan bor­der, before being sent to take a closer look.

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  • The Assessor Gambit, Part II

    Stard­ate, 48943.8. Cap­tain Kon­in and his away team battle a Romu­lan pla­toon for access to an ancient ruin hous­ing ali­en technology.

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  • The Displaced, Part I

    Stard­ate, 48964.5. Cap­tain Kon­in leads the entire Star­fleet flo­tilla back to Can­did­ate Three, in an attempt to secure the Ancients’ advanced tech­no­logy against the Romu­lans and find out what is really going on.

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  • The Displaced, Part II

    Stard­ate, 48965.2. Lex­ing­ton and Bellero­phon attempt to aid Assessor Tredik in sav­ing the vul­ner­able Tilikaal from the plan­et­ary col­li­sion, while Thun­der­child keeps the Romu­lans from interfering.

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