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The Orion Colonies

The term “Ori­on Colon­ies” encom­passes all the worlds held by Ori­ons, wheth­er with­in the Ori­on Neut­ral­ity Area prop­er, in Fed­er­a­tion or Klin­gon space, or in the neut­ral zone between the two super­powers. All are Ori­on, although not all owe their alle­gi­ance to Botchok, the spe­cies’ home­world in the Rigel sys­tem. Ori­ons would rightly argue that The Ori­on Colonies

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The Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces

The Federation’s greatest rival for over a cen­tury, then one of its greatest allies, the Klin­gon Empire occu­pies a large volume of space in the Beta Quad­rant. Klin­gon soci­ety is caste-based, dom­in­ated by the war­ri­ors of the Great Houses. Beneath them are the less­er Houses, then the com­mon pop­u­la­tion, and a dozen or so sub­ject races. The Imper­i­al Klin­gon Exped­i­tion­ary Forces

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