Ministry Personnel File: His Highness Prince Salman of Swat

A Dash­ing Cavalryman.


Look­ing the arche­typ­i­cal Bol­ly­wood star, Salman is a strik­ing young man of 23 with a swarthy com­plex­ion, an easy smile and a grou­cho moustache.


Per­haps the most renowned prince on the North­west Fron­tier is the Akhund of Swat, both spir­i­tu­al and sec­u­lar leader of his peo­ple and a moral author­i­ty for Mus­lims through­out India.  It was God’s will that the Akhund’s elder son, Ismail, lose the use of his legs in an ele­phant acci­dent, but the boy has grown into a pious and stu­dious young man*, pre­pared to take up his father’s respon­si­bil­i­ties when the time comes.

And then there’s his oth­er son, the hand­some and ener­getic Salman.  A fine swords­man and horse­man, by tra­di­tion he would have made a bet­ter heir to the throne than his crip­pled broth­er.  But the British author­i­ties think high­ly of the prin­ci­ple of pri­mo­gen­i­ture, and per­haps even more high­ly of Indi­an poten­tates hav­ing no mil­i­tary exper­tise.  This pol­i­cy is wel­come so far as Salman is con­cerned: rather than a life of reli­gion and state­craft he is free to enjoy more active pur­suits – such as the pur­suit of big game, danc­ing, women and even liquor.

About a year ago Salman left Swat in search of adven­ture, also putting some dis­tance between him­self and a cou­ple of angry hus­bands.  His ambi­tion is to see the won­ders of the world and sam­ple its many enter­tain­ments, but strange­ly his father did not see fit to sub­sidise a tour of Europe and the Amer­i­c­as.  He even for­bade his son to join Cecil Rhodes’s pri­vate armies in Africa.  Salman has a vague plan of enlist­ing in some branch of the British armed forces that would take him to exot­ic parts of the globe and pro­vide some oppor­tu­ni­ties to enjoy him­self at the same time.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly his train­ing is as a cav­al­ry­man – not a use­ful back­ground for the Navy, Marines or Air Corps.

Trav­el­ling through the Hin­du Kush, Salman heard that his old acquain­tance Carew had dis­ap­peared while hunt­ing ban­dits.  (He heard wrong­ly.)  Salman went search­ing for Carew him­self, but his curios­i­ty got the bet­ter of him and he was cap­tured by mem­bers of some twist­ed, idol­a­trous cult.

*Also known as the swot of Swat.

Cre­at­ed by Bill.

Savage Worlds Statistics

Rank: Veteran




  • Acro­bat
  • Attrac­tive
  • Very Attrac­tive
  • Fren­zy
  • Quick Draw
  • Trade­mark Weapon (scim­i­tar)


  • All Thumbs
  • Big Mouth
  • Curi­ous


  • Scim­i­tar
  • Leather armour
  • Pot helm
  • Revolver
  • Warhorse