The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God, episode 8

Pinky brings down the house; Kalarappa goes to pieces.


6th October 2011.

Dramatis Personae


Realising they had the advantage, the team immediately unleashed everything they had at the creature within the central structure of the temple. As the creature disintegrated under the impact of direct hits from Miss Sharpe (braced against a wall and firing one-handed) and Curruthers, Andrews took the opportunity to release the captive from the simple, but effective, manacles that held him. He immediately thanked his rescuer, introducing himself as Salman, while rapidly working the kinks out of his limbs with a series of painful-looking stretches, before hunting around for a weapon.

His hunt was interrupted, however, by a collective gasp from the rest of the team and, turning around, he was greeted by the sight of the humanoid tiger reforming itself (a particularly gruesome process, working from the inside out). The team reacted by pouring more lead and burning acid at it, but it had no lasting effect; the only consolation was that it seemed unwilling to leave the tower and attack them, although it was continually roaring and cursing in an unknown language.

The team decided to make use of this fact by exploring the temple, looking for explosives or other, more mystical, weapons. While Curruthers turned up Salman’s sword (taken from him by the bandits), they were otherwise unsuccessful. Several of the agents remembered that, in legend, rakshasa (presumably this was one, since the other creatures appeared to be ordinary tigers) could be harmed only by holy weapons or true heroes. Observation also showed that when it momentarily passed into sunlight, the illuminated part of its body would momentarily turn to shadow – prompting the realisation that it was trapped by the sun. Once Lady Antonia had escaped the tunnel, they discussed blowing the tower up from underneath – but they had no explosives (and no card to get them). Salman, meanwhile, realised he was very hungry and investigated the contents of the bandits’ stewpot, before realising it was several days old…

The team now discussed leaving to find the holy man or another ally, a discussion made more urgent now that it seemed the creature might be free to attack them at sunset… Then April noticed that the statue at the top of the structure had a single green eye (with a gaping socket where the other may have been) and noted that it might be significant.

Pinky immediately went back up the wall, rope and tower to try and prise it loose. This prompted a reaction from the remaining giant statues, which began to watch him curiously, while one reached up towards him. Pinky now succeeded in removing the gem and the building promptly collapsed under him. Displaying remarkable agility, the boy rode the rubble to the ground, as it buried all three of the statues.

He stood up, raising the gem above his head in triumph, before realising that the others were all staring past him…

Turning, he was confronted by the sight of the rakshasa emerging from the rubble … completely unaffected by the afternoon sunlight!

April immediately (and quite sensibly) bolted behind the nearest wall, while the others began a staggered retreat, firing their weapons then falling back. None of the attacks had any more effect than they did before, before it sprang forward, claws wide, and nearly killed Curruthers and Salman. Salman attempted to cut it with his blade, but even his antique heirloom had no effect.

In her spot behind the wall, April suddenly realised that the green gem, coming as it did from an idol, might be seen as “holy”. Acting on this information, Pinky quickly grabbed Prentiss’ blunderbuss and rammed the jewel into the barrel, before firing it at the creature… Moments later, the demon, screaming in an unholy tone, exploded in a shower of gore!

The group paused for a rest before picking up the pieces and checking out the rest of the site. They found little of Ministry interest, so they headed back to Mysore City. Miss Montague and her father were both happy that the matter had been resolved and, following a few days of rest and recuperation, the team returned to Calcutta and thence to London.

Returning to the Ministry, they began to notice a few odd things: the reception staff were all new and there was no sign of Mr Rooke… It turned out that Commander Weyland, leader of the other agent team, was in charge, but they couldn’t figure out why…


And so it ends – on a cliff-hanger naturally!

A subplot regarding locating and exposing supporters of the bandits amongst the palace courtiers was abandoned due to time and complexity. The gem and idol forming a demon-binding structure came together based on player discussion. I was really satisfied with the whole idea (the loss of the original gem would have allowed the creature to awaken, the second to release it), but I did get complaints that it wasn’t flagged ahead of time. I’m still not sure if this is really an issue with a pulp/action plot like this.

The campaign will now be taking a break for a few months, while I try something different.