The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God, episode 4

Pinky backstabs a bandit; Andrews plays it safe.


28th July 2011.

Dramatis Personae

  • Lady Antonia deVorea Heavily-armed Aristocrat.
  • Captain Benson Curruthersa Military Policeman.
  • Miss April Sharpea Self-taught Inventor.
  • Jack Prentiss – a Dodgy Pedestrian.
  • Pinkya Low Youth.
  • Agent Andrews – a Stalwart Agent of the Ministry.
  • Miss Elizabeth Montague – a Bereaved Fiancée.
  • Sir Archibald Montague – the British Resident.
  • Jemadar Khan of the Bengal Lancers.
  • 3 Men of the Bengal Lancers.
  • 18 Hostile Bandits.


The following morning, the team gathered at breakfast to determine their next move. Curruthers, late and complaining of a headache, filled them in on what he could remember of the previous evening and they decided that they need to find out where the bandits were coming from. With the blessings of the Resident, they left town, taking four Lancers with them, including the redoubtable Jemadar Khan. Initially, they headed west, intending to confuse anybody watching them, then turned back to the north to enter the hills.

They had been travelling for about three hours when they reached the hills and, about an hour or so later, they reached a steep ravine. At this point, they came under fire from snipers in the heights above them.

They immediately returned fire, Curruthers dismounting to get a better aim, then a dozen bandits charged around the corner on horseback. The situation rapidly devolved into a confused melee, the Lancers counter-charging immediately. Although Andrews held back to assess the situation, Miss Sharpe, Lady Antonia and Curruthers gave a good accounting of themselves with their guns. April proceeded to slaughter several of them with her Orgonator while Antonia neatly skewered their leader. Prentiss and Pinky spent most of the fight climbing the slopes of the ravine; Prentiss completed his feat by throwing one sniper over the cliff and Pinky stabbed another one to death. The remaining snipers fled for their lives.


This was a very short session, but we did finally get a skirmish. The fight took most of the session to resolve, but the players still got off with hardly an scratch… Savage Worlds is supposed to handle this kind of thing quite rapidly, so I’m not quite sure what’s going wrong.