The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God, episode 1

Prentiss cuts a rug; April takes the cerebral approach.


16th June 2011.

Dramatis Personae

* Player absent.


London, April 1889.

It had been a quiet winter for the Ministry and the members of the team were largely free to pursue their own agendas: Prentiss had returned to professional racing, Lady Antonia had been taking advantage of the various hunting opportunities and Miss Sharpe had been attending a variety of scientific demonstrations and talks. Gathering for their regular team meeting in mid-spring, they were concerned to notice their number substantially reduced. They knew that Dr Pleasant had been called away on Ministry business and Marsh had not been seen since the events at St Paul’s, replaced by Agent Andrews, but the unannounced absence of Captain Curruthers was a surprise.

They decided to investigate and made their way to the Captain’s lodgings in Islington. Persuading the doorman to let them in, on the pretext of being concerned friends, they approached his door, finding it closed and locked. They knocked and there was no reply. As they were trying to figure out whether they should break in – and how – there was a cry of “Oi! Whatchu thing yer doin’?” and they found themselves confronted by a scruffy young man. Once they had convinced him they were friends of Curruthers, he allowed that he was a friend of the missing man, name of “Pinky”. He took over lockpicking duties from Miss Sharpe and got them into the lodgings in seconds.

The flat was a mess: furniture was overturned, shelves and drawers were emptied and various empty hooks on the walls seemed correspond to pictures, exotic weapons and other decorations on the floor.

As they investigated further, they realised that this was not the result of a burglary, but of a hurried packing. Prentiss found a copy of Bradshaw’s railway timetables and noticed a number of pages missing; Miss Sharpe was able to deduce that they all related to routes from central London to the south, possibly to Croydon Aerodrome.

As they were pondering this, the door slammed open and two brawny thugs burst in, apparently intent on mayhem. The team reacted quickly and instinctively: as Andrews tripped the first attacker, Miss Sharpe drew, activated and fired her Orgonator, badly burning the other at point-blank range. Prentiss grabbed a chakram from the floor and, trying to use the unfamiliar weapon as a hand blade, slashed the floored man across his chest and throat, killing him instantly.

With the battle over in seconds, Miss Sharpe produced her latest invention, Sharpe’s Neurofuzzycontroller, designed to deduce the thoughts of a captive target, and tried to use it to interrogate the burned thug, but was unable to get more than impressions of pain.


As the first of a new arc, the first half of this session was taken up with creating the new character (an orphaned gangster protégé of Curruthers named Pinky) and the expenditure of experience for the existing characters. As we were missing two regular players, Andrews (who featured as an ally in some of the earlier episodes) was reintroduced as a character for drop-in players.

The initial plans for the evening were based around Curruthers receiving dire news from Mysore in India, then gathering the team to help him sort it out. Unfortunately, the player was then absent, forcing a major rethink. The “burgled” apartment was his idea, although it was intended that the players would be on an airship following him by the end of the evening: timing did not allow this to transpire.

The battle was following Raymond Chandler’s classic advice, but I think everyone was amazed by how quickly it ended. This is one of the things I love about Savage Worlds, although it can be annoying if the battle is your main event for the evening…