The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God, episode 2

Curruthers is befogged; Prentiss is unchallenged.


30th June 2011.

Dramatis Personae

  • Lady Antonia deVorea Heavily-armed Aristocrat. *
  • Captain Benson Curruthersa Military Policeman.
  • Miss April Sharpea Self-taught Inventor.
  • Jack Prentiss – a Dodgy Pedestrian.
  • Pinkya Low Youth.
  • Agent Andrews – a Stalwart Agent of the Ministry.
  • Miss Elizabeth Montague – a Bereaved Fiancée.
  • Mr Rooke – the Boss.
  • A Helpful Doorman.
  • An Unfortunate Thug and his Deceased Companion.
  • A Croydon Aerodrome Steward.
  • An Airship Crew and Staff.
  • The Inhabitants of Calcutta and Mysore.
  • The Residence Guards at Mysore.

* Player absent.


Looking around the wrecked apartment, Prentiss found a partially-burnt note in the fire place and, being unable to read very well, handed it to Miss Sharpe. She managed to decipher some of it and realised that Curruthers had left of his own accord.

Meanwhile, the crew were confronted with the problem of removing a corpse and an injured man from the lodgings without disturbing the doorman. Miss Sharpe and Lady Antonia distracted him, while Prentiss and Pinky attempted to smuggle the injured man out of the back door. Despite Pinky’s attempts to “accidentally” drop the thug on the way out, he survived to be ferried back to the Ministry, where he would be treated and interrogated. In the meantime, the group split, Andrews, Lady Antonia and Prentiss going to the Ministry to request a clean-up team, while Miss Sharpe and Pinky headed for Croydon Aerodrome.

They arrived at the Aerodrome to find it blanketed in heavy fog. Enquiring of a steward, they were directed to the military mess, where they found Curruthers patiently waiting or the fog to lift. Convincing him that they might be able to help with his errand, the trio returned to the Ministry where they found the others waiting for them. Curruthers explained that an old Police partner of his, one Major Oswald Carew, had been killed in Mysore. Although the local police had decided it was the result of a botched burglary, his fiancée, Miss Elizabeth Montague, daughter of the British Resident, believed there was more to it and had requested that Carew’s old friend should investigate.

Given that things had been pretty quiet, the team decided to accompany him to India (although Prentiss took some persuading). Mr Rooke was happy to give the permission to go, asking them to take the time to look into a few minor Ministry matters while they did, so that the trip became an official Ministry matter, acquiring an expenses budget in the process.

They split up, packed their luggage and headed for Croydon the next morning, aiming to catch the first available airship. The fog lifted promptly and they were soon on the two-week voyage to India. Lady Antonia spent the trip in her stateroom, suffering from airsickness, but Prentiss was largely bored and amused himself by boxing and racing members of the crew. This diversion only lasted a long as various crew members realised they were outclassed.

Arriving in Calcutta, they caught a cross-country train, arriving in Mysore City a couple of days later. Calling at the Residence, they were immediately greeted by the fiancée of the dead man.


This was not the most exciting session, being primarily concerned with restoring Curruthers to the group and getting them to Mysore. The timing got particularly confusing: I had originally intended for them to catch up with Curruthers at Aden, but revised the timeline in order to get him back into play as soon as possible.

Airship technology in this version of the 19th Century has been made practical by a patented chemical treatment of coal. Heating the coal (but not burning it) then creates Aerium gas (inspired by Patrick Wooding’s Retribution Falls), which can then be used for lift in addition to the main hydrogen tanks. The coal is then used to power the engines in the normal fashion.

It just seemed right for the aerodrome to be at Croydon.