The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God, episode 7

Pinky hits the mark; the Lady (Antonia) vanishes.


22nd September 2011.

Dramatis Personae


Faced with a giant moving statue, Pinky very sensibly bolted out of the complex, running straight back to the others. The team decided that moving statues were too much to deal with, especially with their casualties, and decided to retreat to the canyon overlooking the valley. Progress home was slow, given that they were carrying Prentiss’s corpse and Miss Sharpe’s arm, as well as Miss Sharpe herself, who had taken a combination of pain-killing drugs from Lady Antonia’s medical case and a concoction of her own. Pinky located the body of the missing Lancer hanging from a tree and they decided to remove him to a better location for burial as well.

Setting watches for the night, they settled down to rest, waking late in the morning to bury Prentiss and the Lancer. Pinky had been practising with one of Lady Antonia’s rifles and had showed an alarming aptitude for firearms, while Miss Sharpe had devised a rig to enable her to operate her Orgonator one-handed. They decided that it might be safer to return to the temple during daylight and, indeed, they found their return trip much easier. In short order, they were once more observing the clearing from the treeline.

All seemed quiet and there was no sign of movement. Pinky once again ventured forward, entering the outer courtyard and cautiously skirting the inner wall. He noted that there were four gates to the inner court, each guarded by a 25’ statue – he thought it was a reasonable assumption that all could and would move to attract intruders. He saw no signs of any live bandits, although there was plenty of evidence that they had used the facility as a base. He could also see a small group of prisoners chained to the wall, although he was unable to determine their condition.

The team carefully planned their next move, intending to lure one of the statues out of the inner courtyard and disable it with heavy gunfire while Pinky crept in over the wall, using a grappling hook fired from Lady Antonia’s crossbow to reach the central tower. The plan went superbly, as the chosen statue crawled out through the gate in front of it and climbed to its feet, only to be hit by a fusillade of fire from the outer gate. It lasted long enough to injure some of the adventurers before a series of attacks concentrated on its left knee brought it crashing to the ground. The remaining statues watched the event but made know move to intervene. Hit by a tumbling piece of masonry, Lady Antonia vanished though a gap in the outer wall.

In the meantime, Pinky’s grapple landed on target with the first attempt, and he swung across to the spire of the tower. Now he was above the centre of the structure, he could see that the courtyard contained a campsite, but that it was deserted except for the trio of prisoners – two in Indian dress, one in European. Only one was still alive, a brawny, moustachioed Indian who was watching him with interest. Pinky moved to one of the skylights of the tower and climbed in, intending to explore further, before he realised that the tower had no interior floors. Instead, he found himself sitting sixty feet above what appeared to be a large bed, occupied by a huge tiger-like figure. As he tried to retain his balance, it opened its eyes and looked straight at him, opening its mouth to emit a horrifying roar. Shocked, Pinky nearly fell out of the window as he scrambled backwards on to the roof.

The huge figure prepared to leap at him, but the prisoner distracted it by launching into a variation of the Musselman call to prayer. Pinky took the opportunity to get to safety, but was bemused to notice that the being seemed reluctant to emerge into the sunlight.


And so the mysterious Salman, dashing Prince of Swat, makes his first appearance! He’s described as resembling a Bollywood hero, complete with finely-styled moustache.

Following the casualties of the previous session and a month’s gap in playing, this session moved fairly fast, allowing for a lengthy planning session amongst the players. My favourite solution to getting past the statue was to lure it over a barrel of gunpowder; they didn’t have one, but one of the players had an Adventure Card that could have allowed them to scrounge it!